Apple Jug Recipe

Here are the instructions for apple jugs for preventing worms in tree fruits.
You will need the following items:

Apple cider vinegar
Plastic gallon or half-gallon jugs, 1-3 per tree, depending on trunk diameter
Twine or heavy string

In one gallon jug, mix two cups of vinegar and two cups of sugar.  Add water to fill the jug and mix until all the sugar is dissolved.  This is your nurse jug.  Take all your jugs, the nurse jug, and twine to your orchard area.  Add solution from the nurse jug to the other jugs which will be hung on your trees.  About an inch of solution in each jug is enough.  From each tree hang 1-3 jugs in such a way that the mouth of the jug is secured against the trunk below the lowest branch.  That placement is very important.  One jug is sufficient for a tree up to about 4″ in diameter.  On a larger tree, a jug may be needed on each side of the tree.  But always be sure to have the mouth against the trunk and below the lowest branch.

The jugs should be put out as soon as the weather warms in the spring.  As the solution fills with bugs, it may be dumped out and new solution added.  Some people say adding a 1″square of banana peel will increase the effectiveness of the solution, but I have never tried it.  The first year will improve your apples and each succeeding year will result in better control and fewer and fewer worms.